Automatic approval

I would like to have an option provided, based on personal preference, that would allow or not allow “safe” applications to be automatically selected to “Remember my answer for this application”. I wish to be ask every time for every application whether or not I will “Allow” or “Deny” that application to start.

Due to leak tests I have run, “Safe” applications can be used to penetrate the firewall’s outbound protection. By having to respond each time to “Allow or Deny” for each application I can stop this penetration by denying any unexpected use of the application. This would make an effective firewall even more effective. It is not a problem to “Allow” each time if the check box does not have to be unchecked.

Thank you for taking this into consideration.

Hello James,

by the above, I guess you want to control an application launching? If so, then you may want to try a HIPS (Host Intrusion Protection System). A very good free program is System Safety Monitor I have tried it with Comodo and the two seem to co-exist very nicely.

Hope this is what you are seeking.

Please do keep in mind that this could almost be considered overkill, but it should bolster your system security considerably.

Thank you. I will give that a try.