Automate missed scheduled backup

I have set the schedule to run at first chance when a schedule is missed, do I understand correctly that I have to open Comodo for the missed schedule to run?

If so, is there a way for the schedule to be set up to run without “having to remember” to open Comodo?


You should not have to have Backup open to get a scheduled task to run. That’s the whole idea behind scheduling.

Check your Windows Scheduled Tasks (Accessories → System tools). If your scheduled backups aern’t there, please check that the windows Scheduling services in running.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I will clarify, I have one backup that is scheduled to run at 17.00 Monday, if I am logged into my pc the backup will run.

If however, I log onto my pc at 18.00 the backup schedule time has been missed, although the backup is set to run at first chance when missed, it will not run unless I open Comodo. If I understand the instructions correctly this is how it works when a schedule has been missed.
The disadvantage here is having to remember to open Comodo for the backup to run when the schedule has been missed. Hence my question, can this be automated, have I missed something?