Autoit with defense

I have big problems with the Defense+ and Autoit.
I can only use the “installations or update” settings when testing my codes.

And if i change the settings to trusted, it will come up a popup about that comodo doesn’t know the program and it has been updated. Of course the program has been updated because it running codes.

But it’s really annoying to change the settings every time.
And i can’t find anything wrong in my code. I think Comodo block the methods that Autoit is using.
It works if i compile the code to executable. But without, it doesn’t work.

What happens when you make that program part of My Own Safe Files?

For starters add The digital signature of autoit3.exe. This will make life easier.

If you are talking about the editor scite.exe running code, then you must make sure that its policy is trusted or all ticked in the D+ menu. But if you are talking about double-clicking on the file and it giving you d+ alerts, then make sure that the policy for autoit3.exe allows all. These two files must have full access.

One of the best way to create rules and still be safe is to put D+ in “clean pc mode” and use your programs.

Also, try deleting existing rules. Put D+ in training mode. Run the code. You should be home. :a0

Here is obligatory warning when using Clean PC or Training Mode. Make beyound reasonable doubt sure your computer is free of malware because in these modes CIS will learn all the rules including those of malware.