Auto Version Upgrade

Can we have a addition to Preferences - General

that states : Automatically update program

That if ticked will download and update CIS automatically and wait for a reboot to install without prompts.

Some users does not respond to the prompt that a update is available and then CIS falls behind.



:-TU :-TU :-TU
there is already a checkbox for autoupdates. the prompt is to let you know that it has updated and needs to reboot or your security has holes in it. mainly to let you know that for your system safety and/or stability you should reboot as soon as possible since most high end users only reboot when they need to clear ram/cache or complete an install/uninstall … that can be days or weeks to the next reboot.
Sorry i have to vote against this one

* mad-one just got stomped by HeffeD

My bad, I misunderstood because it never occurred to me that something as vital as a firewall/av or other legitimate security software wouldn’t autoupdate … short memory i fergot about the v3 incident in 2007 :?)

After reading captainsticks post…
i change my post vote to hell yeah!!

Where do you see this?

The virus database will update automatically, but program updates require user interaction.

When Automatically check for program updates is enabled, all that happens is exactly what it says. It automatically checks for updates. If it finds an update, it asks the user if they want to update. If the user says OK, then it will download and install the update.

I think this would be a good idea. :-TU

Please add a poll so I can vote for it.

I would really like to see this also. :-TU If someone doesn’t know what to do with alerts then they probably won’t know what to do with an update notification and it will just get ignored.

A behind the scenes silent updater, as long as this is an optional part of the updater.
Some people would still like the updater to notify with prompt, especially in capped situations.
Three options required:
Auto check for program update with prompts to install.
Auto check for program update without prompts, silently install.
Auto check for program update disabled.

I agree 100%