Auto USB scan

Can I configure CIS to automatically scan for viruses when plugging in a USB flash drive?

If not, then…
I found this article to do this action but I do not know configure it!
Can anybody explain me to details this procedure?

Why would you want it to do that?

Scanning the USB would cause CIS to use more resources. As it is, right now if anything from the USB tries to run, or is accessed, it will be scanned just before it is run in memory. Thus, scanning the USB automatically wouldn’t actually add any security, but it would use up more resources.

Ok, thnx but I’m still curious if I can do that?

Some AV programs have something like
“USB Vaccine”

or “USB Immunizer”

and I was wondering if CIS need something like this?

Wouldn’t be better if CIS could try to clean the USB too (as mentioned by andi.cro) to help keeping clean the USB in case its plugged-in in some other PC that doesn’t have CIS?

In my opinion it shouldn’t be automatic by default but perhaps an option for it, personally I wouldn’t want CIS to scan 128GB every time I plug in my thumbdrive, or 3TB if I plug in my external HDD.

That is, if you storage devices are full… wont take that long if they are not full.
Still, its a very good idea to leave it as an option… but CIS definitely must have that availability (automatic).

They are almost full, which reminds me, I should get a NAS.

I like the idea, it’s not to keep the system with CIS safe, but rather the systems that the USB drives/sticks gets plugged into next, interesting idea.

That’s right.

If they don’t add this option, it would be like COMODO saying:
“we care for our users… but we don’t care about users that use other AV products”. ;D

I know COMODO will hear us and do something about it.
Besides, they DO care about all type of users after all.