Auto-Upgrade permanently disables all monitoring

[I first posted this as a reply in another thread, then realized that thread had been voted ‘down’ probably due to the poor attitude of the original poster… so let’s start fresh :)]

I haver had significant trouble since the update. It is clearly a bug in the software: after updating, CPF will not let me enable the “Turn On” radio buttons in the various tools!

I can’t imagine how this could have anything to do with other security software. Other software (such as my McAfee “Total Protection” antivirus/antispyware) doesn’t know or care what radio buttons are being clicked in the user interface of a software app.

I’ve been running this way for several days, through many reboots. The new version of CPF, installed via auto-upgrade, simply will not allow itself to be enabled.

QUESTION: is there a registry setting I could try changing, to “force” enabling of the network monitor?

Hint: before the upgrade, I had DISabled everything other than network monitoring, because the other tools were causing tremendous trouble on my laptop. Could there be a bug in such situations… either the upgrade or steady-state operations, when the user only enables network monitoring?

(Why disable all other elements? Mostly because at least in the old version they maintain open-file handles on lots of things, and destroy a laptop’s ability to function without always accessing the hard disk, and make it tough to put the laptop to sleep)

More to follow as I work through this…

More info:

I backed up the registry settings, uninstalled, downloaded directly (not same as doing the built-in upgrade) and reinstalled. Now it works.

I backup up the new registry settings and compared… Comodo folks, you would know what this means… perhaps this is a hint of the bug?

[I’m continuing to track this down, as I’m sure users would much rather upgrade than have to uninstall/reinstall/reconfigure all the time :slight_smile: ]

These are the changes in the AppCtrl section:

DEAD UPGRADE SYSTEM (Can’t enable any CPF tools):
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl]


WORKING (REINSTALLED) SYSTEM (With only Network Mon enabled):

Perhaps this will eventually help others?

One final post:

I have “cleaned up” my installation so that it is nice and efficient for me. My goal: to have CPF do a good job of network monitoring, and (for now) nothing else. I can’t afford to have it leaving files/folders open that keep my laptop from hibernating / standing by cleanly.

What I did:

  1. backup up settings using the registry backup script in another thread here

  2. uninstall CPF

  3. download and install CPF from scratch

  4. edit the registry backup file to create a PARTIAL restore script:

  • keep the first line; regedit will not import without this:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  • keep the AppCtrl/Zone section (I have several zones that
    describe my office and home VPN network)
  • keep the NetCtrl section (these are all of the network firewall
    rules. The primary element of value in CPF ;))
  • save as a *.REG file. Let’s call it CPFreload.REG
  1. Get ready for several reboots :wink:

  2. Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Configure
    turn OFF “protect own registry keys”

  3. Turn OFF all monitors but network monitor (this is just what I did; you may want to leave other things enabled. Your choice!!)
    8 ) Reboot to “make it so” (without a reboot, CPF does not change its settings)

  4. Double click on the reg reload file (CPFreload.REG) to import the new settings

  5. Reboot to “make it so”

  6. Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Configure
    turn ON “protect own registry keys”

  7. Reboot to “make it so”

  8. Create a new backup of your now-good CPF settings

  9. Save the backup in a safe place in case you ever need to reload

  10. Also save the CPFreload.REG file in case you want to rebuild from scratch

Enjoy your computer again :BNC