Auto Updates Virus Database, Baloons and online games.

Hey there,

some suggestions concerning usability:

I wanted to temporary disable disable 2 features.
I finally found what i was looking for, but it took me way too long.

  1. Enable/Disable the auto update for the virus database should be where stupid people like me expect it to be found. That would be “misc->settings->updates”. One update tab to rule them all please (all update related stuff), or a link from there, that leads to virus update settings.

Instead it is hidden in AntiVirus-Scannersettings->tab
Logical, once i know it, but not intuitive.

  1. The annoying baloon messages. Normal messages can be disabled in “settings”, but why do they still pop up when virus database updates itself ?

  2. Additional feature request:

A nice feature would be a button to temporary disable the virus db auto updates (similar to install mode).
I dont want to disable the feature completely. But since i often play games online, the ability to disable db updates for 2-3 hours with a single click would be fine. When the database updates, either a short system freeze or lag spike kills me continuously in multiplayer.


When I’m in one of my games, World of Warcraft in particular, I never experience any problems from updates. In fact, what happens is that as soon as I exit the game, that is when the balloon pops up saying the database is being updated. It’s like CIS suspends the updates while I’m in full screen games.

WoWs gameplay is not very ping dependant, while FPS games are.
While the display of the balloonmessages are scheduled for after game, the actual updates seem not to be.

BTW, now there are even more stupid balloon messages, telling me the virus database is not up to date.


How hard is it to make a simple checkbox, that does what it should do: disable all balloon messages, disable updates. This is starting to make me angry, Im going to disable the stupid antivirus all together now.

Sounds stupid, but:
Is it possible to use Comodo firewall to block access of Comodo Antivirus to the net without crashing ?

Yes you can do that, and it wont crash.

That was fast, you are my hero.
So, to temporary hinder comodo from updating and checking for updates, which one should i use:

  1. “FileGroups → COMODO Files/Folders”
  2. “FileGroups → COMODO Internet Security”
  3. “Running Processes → cfp.exe”

Feels like an evil hack to compensate missing functionality.

Under the firewall tab >Define a new Blocked Application > Select > Running Process. then find Cmdagent and add it this will prevent CIS from looking and checking for updates, but it will still know its out of date

If you want to undo this just add Cmdagent to Define a New trusted application

Edit: if you do undo a blocked rule by using Define a New Trusted Application i recomend that after a cuple times doing this go to Network Security Policy and clean the entry for Cmdagent as it will have multiple rules for allow and block.

Hello, I think that your wish is somewhat simmilar to mine I posted awhile ago.

Really all you would have to do would be to right click the shield in the system tray and turn off the AV until after you are finished playing the game. Then turn it back on. The firewall will still be active but that should stop all scanning and updating while in the game. You shouldn’t need the AV active while in a game I wouldn’t think. When I play Doom3 or Team Fortress 2 however, I still have no problems with leaving it on.

You shouldn’t have to turn the AV everytime you want to play a game…

No you shouldn’t, but that would be the best solution at the present time in my opinion. Until CIS has a “Silent Mode”, which hopefully will come some day.