Auto updates dont start after the defined time

I have set auto updates to different times. It never updated.
Manually starting it or combining it with a quick scan works though.

Also, is it supposed to start to update on its own when the computer is on after being off for longer than the specified time?

You can check the task in task scheduler, I have modified mine so I can’t say how it is originally meant to work.

I ticked “search for signatures”.
It never does.

Dont know which task sheduler you speak about. The task planer window of comodo is empty.

If the “COMODO” folder in the task scheduler (as shown in the video) is empty then it’s no wonder it never updates since there is no task telling it to do so! If that is the case then I’d recommend re-installing CIS.

I thought in the comodo interface…

What does it mean in the window you describe, when you set the trigger for an event (in this example update.
On top choose daily.
And under advanced there is
repeat every (1hour) for (1 day)…

That doesnt make sense to me. Though, when i activated that row, the function went running at the specified time. The text next to the task in the list in the task schedule window on top, said it was fully done.
When i removed the checkmark from the “repeat every” row, in the list stood “didnt work because of contradicting parameters”…
Makes even less sense.

Btw, i made a fresh install of cis.

I use the old “create-a-dummy-scan method” for updating.

I used comodo v6 on two different computers. One vista, one 7.
On both it doesnt auto update.
The task planer says: Tried to execute the function, but contradicting triggers avoid it from happeneing.

With version 7 the same.
I have no idea how i could set a contradicting trigger, when i just set comodo to update signatures every 6 hours.

Can anyone test to disable programm updates (two boxes), and just enables signature updates?
Btw, it doesnt work even with all enabled.
I dont get it.

The code at the end of the error description in task planer is

I updated from CIS v5.10 to v7.0…4142 on my Windows 7 PC, and then auto updates stopped working, even though manual updates worked OK. With the helpful clues from Sanya IV Litvyak, I looked for the Comodo task in Task Scheduler (on my admin account). Like clockwork’s PC, Task Scheduler showed in the Last Run Result column “Tried to execute the function, but contradicting triggers avoid it from happening”. Here is how I worked around the Comodo bug.

At first, I tried to modify the “COMODO Signature Update {…}” task. This didn’t work because CIS would revert some of my settings after reboot. Therefore, instead, I unchecked the Advanced Settings > General Settings > Updates > “Check for database updates every” item. This disabled the above task in Task Scheduler.

Next, I exported the above task to “My COMODO Signature Update.xml”, then created a new task by importing the same file. In the General tab, I changed “Configure for” (from Windows Vista) to Windows 7. I changed the triggers to be simply “At startup”. I unchecked all the check boxes under the Conditions and Settings tabs. Simple! I verified by looking at the Last Run Result column under Task Scheduler (run as an admin) that this worked for every reboot! Note that the main CIS GUI shows the time of the last signature update file, not the last signature update check.

Next, I wanted AV signature updates every 6 hours, but only when the CPU is idle. I had previously been frustrated with AV updates causing audio playback problems. However, if I changed Conditions and Settings to achieve this, it would also delay or prevent the AV update at startup. Therefore, I created a new task “My COMODO Signature Refresh” by exporting and importing my above modified task. In this task, I modified the trigger to be “At startup”, but delayed for 6 hours and repeat every 6 hours indefinitely. I changed the Conditions to start the task only if the computer is idle for 5 minutes, and not wait for idle. I changed the Settings to: if the task fails, restart every 30 minutes, and attempt to restart 11 times. This means that it will try until the next 6-hour repeat. Now, AV signature updates occur exactly as I like!

I looked at another PC still running CIS v5.10, and I noticed that it does not use Task Scheduler for updates. CIS v7.0 provides the hooks to fully customize when updates occur. However, I consider it a bug that automatic AV signature updates fail completely unless users use a work-around like mine.

I dont get what you did.
Thought mine was complicated :smiley:

Do you create a file or what?

Yes, when I exported from Task Scheduler, it created a file. Above, I gave the name of file I exported to. My instructions will make more sense if you have Task Scheduler open while reading them.

Ok, so a file is generated by exporting.
That was important to know.

But with this insight, how would you describe the base problem that causes this misfunction?

What is wrong with the first implemention of this rule by using comodo interface?

So it can be named and fixed.