Auto update

is it possible to set comodo in auto update state??
i could not find the setting regarding that?

If you mean Database update, Real time scanning, Manual scanning, Scheduled scanning in the Antivirus, Scanner settings all have a place to tick Auto update virus Database to enable. If the one in Real time scanning is ticked it will auto update throughout the day at intervals. And in More, Preferences, General is a place to tick to enable Auto check for program updates. Hope this helps. Kind regards.

i set all of the settings to autoupdate…but the Heuristics scanning level is showing low…what does that mean?

Heuristics are what an AV uses to spot potentially dangerous applications before a signature has been defined for them. This is how AV’s battle as yet undiscovered malware.

Low is the recommended setting. Anything higher will cause the AV to produce more false positive detections.

despite maintaining all settings, i am asked for update manually…it is not doing it automatically? whats the reason?

How is the program asking for Manual Update? Also does Manual Update work?

notifications regarding update is seen in my PC,and when i open Comodo…it says to update as virus data is out of date?

Did the first update after install happen, and can you manually update?? shows after manuallu updating that virus signature data is up to date.and soon in 1-2 days time it asks again for the same thing.

If you go to Antivirus → View Antivirus Events and click the More button, then click on Tasks Launched under the Other Logs heading on the left hand side, what do you see in the code column?

A blank column apparently indicates a successful update, code 0x00000001 seems to be a successful connection to the servers, yet there is no update available, and code 0x80004005 seems to be a failed update.

If you’re seeing 0x80004005, has your C:\WINDOWS\TEMP folder gone missing by chance? As mentioned in this thread:
CAV failing to update – SOLVED

Some users have had their temp folder go missing causing automatic updates to fail. Recreating the folder causes updates to start working again.

Otherwise, I guess you can just hope automatic updates start going through on their own because the developers have been quiet on this subject. I too had updates start failing for no apparent reason. This lasted for a week. You can read my bug report here:
AV database update fails at finalizing stage.

The updates miraculously started working again after a week and haven’t had any update problems since the 23rd of last month.

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