Auto update.

I thought it better to start a new topic than to tag onto the end of a really old post.

Before I uninstall CD, is there some relatively simple way to disable auto-updates?

I find the nag screen really annoying - yes. I KNOW there’s an update available!

I prefer to update when I know what the update is and if it is stable, like many other people.

I am running windows 7 and use CIS so I do not want to block any old url as CIS is great and I do not want to create issues with that.

With standard Chrome, there are many different ways to choose manual updating but they generally do not apply to CD.

It’s a pity because CD has a nicer feel than Chrome.

Judging by the response - I take it turning off auto update really is as hard as it seems!

Since you rarely see any developers comment on the forum, any answers you get are going to be from users like yourself. If no one knows the answer, you will generally never get a reply.

I did look through the settings and could see no way to disable the auto-update capability. However, this release is very stable for me. I have yet to see a crash.

Are you sure the latest stable ( even has auto update? I personally have not found any sign of it, and it does have at least 2 ways to manually update. Can anyone confirm yes or no to this? Thanks.

If you go to click the wrench and select About Comodo Dragon, you’ll see it check for updates. This is the same thing the previous beta did which had automatic updates, so I’m assuming this version is automatically checking for updates as well.