auto-update to 3.8 from 3.5

Hi all,

My system is XP pro (32) , sp3.

I was using CIS 3.5 (latest 439) - Firewall only.

Recently I did auto-update to the latest 3.8.

I was reading in the past that sometimes there were issues like you could not do Import or you may miss some new security settings introduced in the new version unless you do uninstall of old version and then clean install of the new one.

This auto-update itself went fine and I imported saved proactive settings of 3.5.
It seems like all is working, but sure I cannot find and check all settings and learn what’s new in one go.
Can anybody tell please, are there known issues as described above?
One thing for sure I know that CMF can be uninstalled since now it is integrated.
My concern is whether clean install is still recommended or I should be fine with all new stuff after auto-update?