Auto update message this morning for version 2.4

I’m currently running Comodo firewall version When I got up this morning, there was a notification on my PC saying that there was a new update ready for Comodo. From reading all the problems that 3.0 is having, I don’t want to install it at this time.

Question: Was the update a maintenance release for 2.4 or did Comodo want to update me to the new 3.0 version? I chose to ignore the update at this time.


This message was to update to the new version


Hi I updated today to I also chose not to update to v3 & probably won’t for a few months!

Interesting, so there is a new 2.4 version. If I run the update manually, will it tell me which version it will update to before I continue? I’d hate to try it and then find that it tries installing version 3.

Hi yes update manually you get an option to update to v3