Auto update in Vista

I have been meaning to post this for a while but have been very busy lately.

Ever since I uninstalled BOClean 424 and installed v425 on Vista Ultimate auto update doesn’t work anymore.
Yes I did close down BOClean before uninstalling v424.
What I have noticed is there was no folder created in C:\ProgramData.
I do see that v423 and v424 folders are still listed in C:\ProgramData from previous installs.
Manual update works just fine though.

Any idea why this happened and does anyone one else see and get what I do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you look at the FAQ ?

Update Issues

There are several posts on update problems with helpful answers.
Please read these first.
If you need to post after going through these, please include OS and CBO client information.

Is IE in “Offline” mode?,8280.0.html

Did you try the Updater in the startup folder?,8294.0.html

Did you give “Modify” and “Write” rights to the Limited users?,8280.0.html

Did you install in admin mode?
Have you rebooted?

Administrator cannot update:;msg68630#msg68630

The issue was IE - not Outlook Express - see:

Both links describe the IE issue. Interesting to note that the first linked KB article was last reviewed yesterday. Even though they both refer to IE 4 and/or 5, evidently the issue continued in IE6.
Also worthwhile noting that the issue does not appear to be resolved by MS, the registry change may not stick and they admit to such in the KB article.
Resetting :
HKEY_USERS\SID\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\GlobalUserOffline to 0 resolved the issue on all the boxes in question.

Here’s another solution to get Comodo BoClean to update.;msg65625#msg65625

Shutdown BOClean from systray.
Go to C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean
Right-click BOC423.exe then click Properties.
Click the “Compatibility” tab
Under Privelege level
Check the box “run this program as administrator”
Click OK then close the properties.

Launch BOClean, right-click then click check for updates.

From here :

Personaly I don’t use Vista ( right now ), so if this doesn’t help you maybe someone else can jump in :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Is the Auto Update checked in the program configuration. I am asking the obvious because after one of my installs of version 4.25 this was unchecked for no reason. I would close the program and it still would not update. I would check it again and it would be unchecked.

I have done so many different installs of Comodo beta programs while testing that I decided to just uninstall all Comodo programs and clean out the registry by hand of anything that said Comodo in it. I used RegSeeker and manually deleted all of the entries that had Comodo in the entry. Once I reinstalled everything then they all ran like a charm, including Comodo Memory Guardian which would freeze up CBOC when I installed it before. Have had no more problems since I did that.

I did backup the registry before doing any modifications.

What I am saying is maybe one of the previous installs is not getting overwritten correctly and is messing with your new install.


EDIT: I installed 4.25 on 2 Vista machines this weekend and they are both doing fine so far. They had never had a previous version of CBOC on them though.

Off topic : Please can you inform Tyler about this ? You are the 3rd person who noticed this, so it is certainly an issue.

Greetz, Red.

Will do Rednose.


Auto update is checked. :wink:

I have 2 copys of Vista Utimate, one running in MS Virtual 2007.
The location of the database file for v424 is: C:\PROGRAMDATA\BOC424\BOC424.XVU.
This one is outdated now.

The other copy of of Vista Ultimate shows database file for v425 is C:\BOC425.XVU.

So I’m thinking that if I create a folder in [b]C:\PROGRAMDATA[/b] and name it BOC425 and copy BOC425.XVU to the folder then I will be able to auto update then. I haven’t tried that yet but was hoping someone had the same thing I was getting.

I’m familar with RegSeeker also.
Just trying to help other Vista users that have had other older versions and have updated.

I may be wrong but I’m thinking that there was something that was missing in the last v425 installer that didn’t load correctly to [b]C:\PROGRAMDATA[/b] folder because like I said in my first post there are 2 folders in [b]C:\PROGRAMDATA[/b], BOC423 and BOC424.

Maybe Kevin or someone that has also updated from v423, to v424 to v425 is seeing what I am.

BTW, all is good running on XP Pro with Manual update and Auto update. :wink:


I’ll look on the 2 Vista PCs tomorrow to see where the installation folder is located.


okie dokie

[b]C:\PROGRAMDATA[/b] is a hidden file.

I checked where the CBOC is installed on both Vista PCs and it is in C:\ProgramData\BOC425.


My medthod above didn’t work.

I uninstalled v425 and removed all reg entries.
Reinstalled and I still show database file for v425 is at C:\BOC425.XVU and not at C:\PROGRAMDATA.

I beleive there is a problem somewhere and not on my end.

Hello folks,

This appears to be a issue with UAC permission in Vista.
I can run auto update from startup list and right click on menu and allow then I get the update.

Anyone know what might be a fix yet?


I had the same problem when i upgraded to boclean 4.25. Here’s how to fix the auto-update problem in vista with UAC enabled:

  1. Shutdown boclean: right-click on boclean tray-icon and select shutdown.
  2. Run “Comodo BOClean” as administrator: right on boclean shortcut and run as admin.
  3. Perform manual update.