Auto update failed

Hi, guys!
I was running the latest Dragon 17.5 on Win XP SP3 (Administrator/Default Dragon installation/no plugins or themes).
Today it tried to auto update but it failed.
When I pressed “Relaunch Now” button it shut down but never got re-installed/updated.
After few attempts nothing happened.
I had to download new v18 installer and did it manually.
Last few versions made auto update with no problems.

Has anyone experienced same behavior?

Thanks and best regards.

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Siketa asks:

Has anyone experienced same behavior?

Yes. I have reported about this for my updates to versions 17.x. I am still on version 17.5 of CD.

Worth noting: Windows XP, s.p. 3, 2.0 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 17 GB free disc capacity. Extensions currently present and enabled: Adblock, W.O.T., craigslist.pop.
Note also: My installation is set to open in Incognito mode. I state this in case it has meaning for updating Comodo Dragon browser, since I do not remember if I ever mentioned this in regard to my update attempts in my update failure reports.


Issues regarding the update failures have been reported several times on the forum, however we were unable to reproduce any of them under normal conditions.

Please add the “dragon_updater” log files found at the following location %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.


Here is the log…

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