Auto Update Crashes, AVG rootkit issue and some minor cosmetic suggestion

Current Firewall Version is 32-bit
When the new 268 update is available, the firewall(266 version) update program, alert me on available updates, and a icon appeared next to the firewall icon and being instructed by the program to click on the new icon to update, upon clicking the icon, it fire up the CFP Help file and crashes, had to do a manual update.

Another issue is the Defense+ dosen’t remember rule for AVG Rootkit scanner, it seen that AVG Rootkit scanner will modifiy file each time it open thus triggering alert from defense+, not sure if this is AVG issue or comodo’s, anyway if comodo team can solve this it would be great.

Another thing which is not bug or issues but cosmetic suggestion, the CFP icon in 2.4 will turn orange red when set to block all, but on this new version the icon doesn’t change color to indicate that its in block all setting, it would be really nice to have this cosmetic feature back on this version.This imho will enable user to visually determine the current state of the firewall without having to right clicking to check if its in custom connection or block all. Alternately an ‘X’ can be added to the shield when its in block all mode. This is just my humble suggestion. Any way this new V3 is working great on my system other than the update problem.

Thanks for creating this great firewall.

Same for me XP SP2

The AVG rootkit does manifest itself differently each time it is run, which is why CFP keeps asking about it. I would assume that they have done this intentionally to prevent it being “fingerprinted” by malware. Clever move on their behalf and perfectly understandable, but it means that CFP will never remember it because its different every time.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

so is there is answer to this on your end??? Can you work on a update that will accept these changes?? It’s not worth having all these messages come up when the user just wants to do a simple virus check or even update their antivirus…

There can’t be an answer. Because the applications are different (due to updates or whatever) the firewall is doing exactly what it is supposed to and telling us “Hey, this is different to the last time it ran - could be malware, could be an update - you tell me.”.

If they introduced an option to say “Igonore any changes to application XYZ.EXE” malware authors would pounce on it faster than you could blink. This is simply not an option.

If you are going to run applications that change themselves each time they are run, you are going to have to put up with clicking allow each time. Either that or find a fireall that doesn’t care (or protect).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad (but unavoidable) news.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If you tick the box to ‘trust applications digitaly signed by trusted software vendors’ it may help reduce such pop ups.

Also, making sure installer/updater files listed in computer security policy settings are appropriately treated as installers/updaters should help? The list of trusted vendors can be added to, you can even add by selecting from running processes.


But my settings aren’t being saved…I am clicking but it doesn’t save the settings…I have told the firewall my AVG is a trusted application and they come up…I have told it my virus scan is a good program but it blocks it…V2 of your software never had this problem. The settings not getting saved is the problem…I can click to accept it but than I get a loop of messages repeating over and over again…If I tell it to accept avg why does it still need to block it??? (:AGY) (:AGY)