Auto Update closes USB Stack ?

Sorry, i put this in the wrong section the first time round…

Twice now, my external usb drives have lost their connection to the pc while copying files at which time, comodoav 201450 is performing an automatic update. After the update completes, i can use the drives again. Is this a known issue or is it just my system doing strange things? (using the search feature didnt find much). Thanks to DirectoryOpus i can resume my file transfers once the drives come back online :slight_smile:


I haven’t noticed this, iZombie, although I have noticed that since came out, the USBs can’t be disconnected; it keeps saying they’re being used. Shutting down CAVS resolves the problem. I have semiautomatic updates and have not yet been transferring files while running the updates.

With yours, can you duplicate it during a manual update? If you turn off automatic updates, wait a day, run it manually and see what happens…

Wondering two if you can check CPU usage at this time, either with Task Manager or (better) Process Explorer. Maybe it’s an issue of what’s consuming CPU time.