Auto scan for USB

Hi, I am new to Forum.I installed CIS complet so far everything is ok.I put the USB and it did not happen anything.I expected to automatically react Comodo scan my usb, or at least ask me.It would be better to Comodo done automatically scan when you put the USB is my opinion.Maybe I do not know to configure Comodo.I need your help on how to set auto scan when you put the USB.

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Comodo Antivirus will scan any file that is being loaded into the memory. In this way nothing can run without first being scanned.

I hope this answers your question.

I understand now.Thank you.I’d like to ask the guard for the web.I use i.e.8 and XP service pack 3. How am I protected with the CIS-Complet in my browser?I can not find a web guard.

comodo doesnt have a web guard i dont think but it stops downloading the file if anything suspicious is detected

If something from the web tries to do anything with your computer it will be scanned by Comodo Antivirus. It’s not necessary to scan every web page in case there is something. This is a waste of system resources.

In this way Comodo protects you without wasting your CPU by scanning things that aren’t active.

CIS scans a) anything in memory, and b) anything on a drive that is accessed.
Since downloading goes through memory first, then to you HDD (in most cases), you are protected. I have had files (.exe) stopped dead before the download began because the AV picked up on them.

The integrated BOClean does this ?

this is in chrome also right???

I don’t personally use Chrome, but I do use CD, based on Chrome.
I would say ‘yes’

So what will the answer of my last post ? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes, I believe this this is a large part of it.

Thank you Chiron