Auto-Sandboxing Brwoser dont works if the brwoser is starting by an extern prog

hi guys,

if an extern programm starts my browser for opening a website this browser isnt sandboxed.
whats the / my problem in this case?

tanks a lot


what version of CIS are you using

im using
but this prob i had for a long time. already with 7.

i guess, if the extern prog using the command “open standard browser”, comdodo cant sandbox it.

Do you have the browser set up to always be sandboxed? If not, is the “extern program” run in Virtual Desktop/Sandboxed?

  1. the browser i autosandboxed by the option “auto-sandbox”.
  2. the extern prog isnt sandboxed.

Can you show screenshots of your advanced sandbox settings for the rule to auto-sandbox the browser?

In specific, screenshots of the general auto-sandbox window as well as a screenshot for each of the tabs for the properties of the rule in question.