Auto-sandboxed file submission to COMODO

Hi all. I have a question.

Are the auto-sandboxed files in COMODO automatically submitted for analysis?
Personally, I would not mind to have this option if it isn’t already present - it can be made
opt-in and maybe it can help you analyze unknowns quicker, alongside valkyrie.


Files that were auto-sandboxed or unknown files that you run on real system are submitted for analysis. It is possible to opt-out. The list of submitted files is also available to you.

Hope it helps.

Yes, this helps.

Then there is nothing else i have to do
to continue sending suspicious and unknown
files to comodo. That’s good.

We are probably talking about a very long list. I would recommend you to, especially false-positives.
Do note that Valkyrie is not ready for CIS since you mentioned it.