Auto sandbox policies have dissapeared!

I had HIPS disabled and the sandbox enabled. I know for a fact I had sandbox rules to block unrecognized programs. Now the list is gone, and HIPS was disabled the whole time. Now I have been left vulnerable.

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To reset the default sandbox settings, please click the button that I show.

Thanks for the quick reply. However I reinstalled CIS and I will be using a password for now on. I can’t be certain that malware did not infiltrate the PC and change the sandbox settings how else could this have happened?

actually I have no idea why this was happened. I am happy that you solved the problem.
The password protection is a good idea for this kind of problems.

This seems to be a recurrent bug in CIS that dates back several versions… Somehow CIS is causing corruption within it’s own config xml, as one day rules will be there (whether it be the firewall, defense, or sandbox), and the next they won’t. This occurs once or twice a year, however it’s impossible to narrow down what’s causing CIS to do so, as one won’t notice it until days later when either numerous firewall requests start popping up for traffic you know for a fact you created rules for, or you make a settings modification and happen to notice the missing rules within settings.

When this occurs, you can view the current config xml and see plain as day the rules, and their guids, have been removed from the xml. To provide an example, about a month ago all 30 global firewall rules were gone… one minute they were there, they next they weren’t (majority of my global rules are applicable only to LAN traffic, with a handful aimed at WAN - ICMP types and port 4444). While this seems to affect firewall rules more than anything else, the underlying problem is CIS causing some sort of corruption within the config xml(s).