Auto Sandbox Feature Great Until Most Recent Upgrade

Hello there, the roboform extension for opera keeps being autosandboxed and I can’t stop this from happening without disabling autosandbox.

It seems that comodo doesn’t like the .bat file used to make the extension load. Please help me!

Screenshot below, second and third item down.


Hi sheepdisease and welcome to the Comodo forums.

For your issue is the bat file the same after every execution of Opera? If yes then you can manually trust the bat file in the file list or use the unblock applications task. If it changes each time then you can create an ignore auto-sandbox rule you can do this by typing in the file location box under criteria: C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\tempscrpt*.bat

Hello futuretech, thank you for your reply. Your last suggestion seems to have done the trick, much appreciated!