Auto-Sandbox driving me round the twist.

Been using CIS for some time now and have usually been able to work out any quirks or changes through the program upgrades.
This one however has me stumped and forces me to disable Auto-Sandbox.
I am currently running version on windows 7 64 pro.

My dramas started when i allowed CIS to update to the latest version listed above (i was using roughly 4 versions previous to that program update).
Once i had updated i was unable to access internet or rename shortcuts or do most mundane tasks within a standard user account. Using my admin account was no different.
I figured a fresh install of Windows 7 64 pro might be a good idea, so i went through the motions and installed the latest version of CIS once i had installed the majority of system drivers (motherboard, graphics etc.)

This is where Auto-Sandbox is driving me round the bend.
After rebooting and configuring CIS to give me plenty of popups so i could configure things as i have been for years, the ■■■■ thing went and Auto-Sandboxed Explorer.exe and more or less prevented me from doing anything on a freshly installed system.
Even after going in to the settings and making a rule for auto sandbox to ignore explorer.exe it made no difference.
Explorer.exe and any child processes were being auto sandboxed (even after all being marked as trusted files) and preventing me from doing anything, i couldn’t even access the internet.

This in turn produced a massive WTF from me because the realization kicked in that there was nothing wrong with my system before reinstalling and it was the software that had caused the same strange behaviors previously.

The only way to prevent this behaviour and have some form of usability of my system was to disable it.

Is this a bug or has the usability of the whole CIS suite (instead of just the antiviri or just the firewall) become akin to building a nuclear reactor?

Try version 7.

Personally i found autosandboxing more work and less safe than proactive, save mode.

you should always add explorer.exe as ignored and trusted before rebooting , this has happened to me as well in the past after upgrading from 5 to 6

I would advise against this. Setting Explorer as trusted will allow any app run from Explorer to run without restriction rendering CIS useless

this is actually not true at all my friend , this only prevents explorer.exe from getting sandboxed aka rendering windows unfunctional it doesnt prevent CIS from doing its job, aka Defense+ and Autosandboxing still doing its job as should , apps still being blocked with a popup asking you what to do that are run from explorer.exe that havent been given rules etc. , you should test and see for yourself

At Perplexed. After you made the exception for Explorer.exe did you restart it? That is a required step.

Was this a one off event or does it happen consistently each time you boot your Windows?

So is it safe to have explorer.exe as trusted?

Yes as long as its not setup as an installer/updater. I was mistaken before. i got installer mixed up with allowed application

Yes as long as its not setup as an installer/updater. I was mistaken before. i got installer mixed up with allowed application
Thanks for clarifying

Sorry for taking so long to return, i will try and remember the best i can.

If memory serves me correct, i dont think i did because sandboxing explorer denied me access to the start button to restart the machine.
I think i used the menu option in taskmanager (ctrl+alt+del) to restart the machine after setting auto sandbox to off, then everything started working as normal after rebooting.