Auto-Sandbox Causing Adobe XI Problem


Just downloaded the latest free CIS which installed okay. However I now have an issue with Adobe Reader XI. The first time that I open any .pdf file that was created before CIS was installed, the file is sandboxed, Adobe Reader opens the file and slows down, goes blank then the image of the file returns. It does this several times before the following Adobe error message window pops up. “There was an error during initialization. An internal error occurred”. When opening the .pdf file, if I click on the CIS “Don’t sandbox again” then eventually close the .pdf file, the next time that I click on that file, it opens and works without a problem. If I disable CIS Auto-Sandbox, all my .pdf files open okay the first time. Does anyone have the answer?

I have a brand new HP Desktop, OS: Win 8.1, nothing much downloaded and installed yet. CIS full scan showed nothing untoward. I’m not an Internet Security geek so please keep that in mind if/when you respond.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please edit you post using the required format:

Hi wasgij6

The issue that I have reported is now being investigated by the Internet Security Support Department

Ticket ID: CIT-416-43425

My CIS version is:

I don’t understand why only bugs/issues for Version 6 or Version 7. can be reported?

Feel free to take down my post.

Ok thanks for letting me know. If you need to reopen this bug report feel free to respond here or PM me.