Auto-sandbox blocking me out of Windows 10

I’ve observed today a strange behavior with the newly installed copy of Windows 10 Pro and CIS.
Windows 10 was installed freshly from scratch, but CIS was installed using some older setup file I had saved since last year (circa 2014-11-??) which I then updated using Check for Updates option in CIS. Once the updates were installed, I’ve rebooted the machine and noticed the green border around all the program windows I’ve been opening. Meanwhile some of my programs started to act weird - Outlook crashed and suggested a repair, Intel RST just didn’t start, etc. I’ve searched the web and it occurred to me that the auto-sandbox feature of CIS got turned on. (I’ve never used it before). Unfortunately none of the described methods to disable it worked - Advanced Settings UI in Sandbox Task just didn’t work, Exit Comodo button also didn’t work, all of the processes I was able to launch were running unelevated/sandboxed even though I was using Start as Administrator option. I’ve tried uninstalling Comodo and the installer hung up in the middle. After all the attempts I was able to restart and then everything worked as expected - Exit Comodo CIS and Uninstall worked and the system became stable again.

Why use an older installer for a brand new Operating System, I doubt that version even supported the Technical Preview client.

Updating an OS is always a risk factor for driver based applications like f.e. security programs. They may get affect and will then need to be reinstalled.