Auto Restart firewall on crash or unload of process

This morning i wake up and see no CIS icon in the tray i started program and see splash screen which means it was off, i did not shut it down… My computer was without protection all night.

Is there way to auto restart CIS on crash or manual shutdown i need it running constantly.

That means that the client cfp.exe has crashed. I assume cmdagent.exe was still running and that kept you protected.

Cmdagent.exe does the work where cfp.exe only tells cmdagent how to behave. (please check the Windows logs to see that only cfp.exe crashed. They are under Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event viewer → Windows Log → Application).

The actual protection is provided by the kernel drivers. cfp.exe is the GUI (Graphical User Interface), and if it crashes, you’ll still be protected, but no pop-ups will be shown. In this case, CIS will handle all unknown applications as untrusted, and prevent them from running. There’s no built-in way to restart cfp.exe on a crash, but you might want to take a look at this program:

You can however set cmdagent.exe to restart if it crashes. Open Services (Windows-key + R to open Run, and write services.msc). Find COMODO Internet Security Helper Service, right-click it and choose Properties. In the newly opened window, click the tab saying Recovery. Then set the service to restart on failure, and tick the box that says Enable actions for stops with errors.

Interesting information Ragwing.:slight_smile:

I am using Win XP Home and following your instructions I found I have three boxes in Recovery ie 1st,2nd and subsequent crashes. Should I set all three to restart on failure or just the first time. I also cannot see a box with “Enable actions for stops and Errors” in any of the four headers in the propery box.

bluesjunior, I’m using Windows Vista, so it seems like there’s a small difference, since I have the option Enable actions for stops with errors, and you don’t. Yes, set all three of them to restart on failure, just to be safe, although I believe that if cmdagent.exe should crash more than once, there’s probably a problem with your installation, system configuration or software setup. I myself am yet to see cmdagent.exe crash once.

Thanks for the reply Ragwing. I have had a serious problem when I have had the full CIS installed with the AV update crashing cmdagent.exe with v4 which I wrote a long explanatory post about in these forums without getting a reply. I have no problems at all with the Firewall and Defence+ portion of Comodo which I am running together with Avira v10 at the present. I was interested in your advice in this thread as it could be beneficial to me if I decide to give the Comodo AV another chance sometime in the future.