auto-rescan Quarantine Items after new signature update

I wish CIS has this feature–

AutoRescan Suspicious Items and Quarantine Items after new signature db updated.

If the suspicious items and the quarantine items has two fields call rescan DB version field and Rescan date field, that would be greate.

1+. Definitely a good idea.
A similar suggestion was made here and here. You can find a very detailed sample of a quarantine window here, which includes the items you requested.

Thats a sexy addition to the wish list. It would solve alot of problems by FP’s.
If items inside the quarintine are found safe, they will then be restored? :slight_smile:

This is from one of the links that I provided in my previous post (see above):

“Add an option to have the antivirus scan the quarantine entries for false positives after a database update. If a false positive is found, CIS can warn the user: “Comodo has confirmed that GHYTS.EXE was detected as a false positive. Do you want to restore the file and remove it from quarantine?” If the user selects “no”, the item in quarantine will still be designated as a confirmed false positive.”

See the original post here for sample pics. Also see the other links I listed above for more options/designs suggested for quarantine.

+1 Would be just GREAT!:slight_smile:

+1 :-TU
Strongly agree.
It’s easiest way to fix a false positive and find a detection name of “Unclassified Malware”

That will be great addition to CAV
Dev please integrate it in CAV :a0