Auto Quarantine

I’ve just re-installed CIS after a short break.
I went to the Android market Home page and a Java script file was quarantined as malware.
Personally I believe it to be a false positive, how do I check this file, once it has been quarantined?
I would have liked to check the file online.
Why auto quarantine in the first place?
Auto quarantining of files has caused me many, many, headaches in the past with other AV’s, which I dumped because of this policy.
This was not how I remember CIS, I don’t want a pop-up frenzy but I would like to check a suspicious file detected as malware online.

I searched but could not find anywhere in the settings a way to disable auto Quarantine, how can this be done?

Thank you

To disable auto quarantine just go to antivirus settings & uncheck dont give popup alerts.

Thanks, for the quick response.