Auto Detection Confliction between AntiVirus Programs

Some of the CIS users install other AntiVirus Programs.
Sometime they work fine, but sometime they conflict with each others.
Serious confliction will cause the system don’t work.

I wish COMODO can tell me if it is conflict with other AntiVirus programs while installation.

A lot of the time, the conflicting is due to the Firewall/D+ policies that the user incorrectly defines for the AV.

I would suggest if you dont know what you’re doing, stick with products from a single company. Mixing and matching different vendors products could cause problems and it happens quite often with security products.

There are so many different products out there, it would be rather time consuming to test the majority of them against Comodo to determine which ones work and which do not. Not to mention keeping track of the released of not only Comodo, but the other products as well.