Auto detect a new private network

I had CFP Before updating to CIS 3.5.xxxxx.427 everything worked fine.
But after this update - no matter checked or not “Auto detect a new private network”- they DO NOT detected at
PPTP Interface (Microsoft VPN Client) at TAP-Win32 Adapter (OpenVPN virtual adapter).
It is VERY bad :-[

I also experienced this with v. 3.5.xxxx (in settings I have chcecked Auto detect a new private network, too). In v. 3.0.xxxx it detected correctly.

Windows XP home 32x
ESET NOD 32 antivirus
Webroot SpySweeper
CIS (installed Firewall with maximum protection) v. 3.5.54375.427
Firewall security level is in Custom Policy Mode
Defence+ is set to Clean PC Mode

You can add new zone manually.
External IP/Net Mask You can see in VPN connection settings.

Good Luck!

Yep. Also I can manually add all needed Rules, so Train or Safe Mode doesn’t needed at all… and so on.
Here we talking about functions of CIS that can be selected and worked fine in previous versions. But now they don’t

I simply user, but i have this problem in previous version (