Auto-Conttainment: I don't understand

I have Auto-Containment set to enabled. Today a pop-up windows appeared from Comodo asking if I wanted to install or not something by Windows. I didn’t know what to answer because I did not not what was it about. So I did not answer at all, so time elapsed and prevented Windows from installing.
However, if it was not a malware but it was from Microsoft, it was not good that it blocked the installation because I could not make my choice in time.
I ask you what should I modify in the Comodo settings. Disable Auto-Containment or change something? I want to stay sure but not at the cost of messing up my file system when Microsoft wants to modify it. In the attachment the Comodo log file.
Thank you

Create an ignore rule and use the file group “Metro Apps”.

I think the rule was already on. I gave a look in the Advanced Setting - Auto-Containment, where there are many rules. All of them are set ON.

run and attach a diagnostic report and also export your active configuration and export the containment logs then attach those to your post. Change the file extension to .txt for the containment logs after being saved.