auto.containment name

i think auto sandbox name is better because auto.containment name is unknown name

The name auto-sandbox seems to be “fixed” and so it seems to us better, but who develops the product is to give the final say. However one can or could do a search to see how much is being accepted by users whether they prefer auto-sandbox or auto-contaiment

A change is as good as a holiday, it will help individualise and even add some publicity. :wink:

agree but a bad change could make for bad publiicity and individualise as “the forever alone av”…

Comodo thinks differently:

Comodo wants to use a more generic term that is easier for the general population to understand. Sandbox is a term well known term predominantly amongst techies like ourselves. :wink:

I don’t mind the name change. Side-story: Melih used this expression/variant for quite some time.