Auto Block All

Basically I would like Comodo to have the ability to put the firewall automatically into Block All Mode either after a defined time period, or after a defined time period of no network activity outgoing from the computer.

Or both :slight_smile:

I find I have my computer running over night often and I sometimes forget to manually activate the Block All mode before going to bed.

Would anyone else like such a feature?

not the way you have it listed because it can mess with windows update and things like that. Maybe a setting based on the clock. So from 10pm to 8am it is locked down.

Nice idea, languy.

Or even a more selective block all that blocks everything except certain apps in a whitelist and engages automatically based on some criteria (either during a certain time period, or after a period of no net activity, or when the screensaver kicks in, etc).

The firewall of course can currently block/allow anything it wants, but perhaps a “Away From Computer” Mode, where everything is blocked regardless of their firewall rules unless they are in the “Trust Apps” (or what ever you want to call it) list, in which case they are allowed net access, but only according to their already defined rules, so Windows Update apps could go there, time sync and anything else that was trusted and NEEDED 24hr net access.

Did that make sense?