auto av update ?

my computer has been running for 5 hours today and the last AV update was yesterday… :stuck_out_tongue: is it normal ? what is the update frequency ?

If you open one of the logs and select ‘More’ you can then look at ‘Tasks Launched’.

You can then see what updates have occurred. The current database is 5765 and has not changed since earlier today.

There seem to be issues with updates, they will resume soon.

I’m wondering it too…I come from avast experience, in that case updates were released at least twice per day…with comodo I’ didn’t notice any pop up alerting you that the virus databse has been updated…btw, looking at GUI, you can check when the last update attempt has been done

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ok good to know that !

no popuup with comodo :wink:

i wonder if that last update in the gui really works… the av is updated only when i run a scan or manually update.

I hope the fix will come soon :-\

It checks for a new database about every half hour. If it finds one it will download it.

not on my computer… :-\

The av update has been stalled over the last day. It currently seems to to be updating again. My av database number at this moment is 5776.

I supose that the db are the same so…

In mine, it does not work this way… it can stay on for hours (virtualbox XP) and it does not update… It works manually though.

Hi Tech,

Do you not have this log? I was logged off since 1200.

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I need to uninstall CIS beta of my Virtualbox XP SP3.
The interface was hanging and crashing.
I couldn’t uninstall it easily (posted elsewhere).

no task launched on my xp pc ( i stay for hours and wait :-TD)

I see the next beta is about to be available, so I would uninstall the one you have and install the new one. Maybe that will fix your problem.

actually it is not a beta, it is a RC (release candidate).