Auto Allow Safelist? how do you like it?

The latest version 2.1 has auto allow safe list feature. This feature allows you to automatically allow apps that are trusted. This causes much less popups. So far what do you think on it? pls share your views.

Excellent and easy. Perfect.

I like it too. Less ‘chasing’ ever increasing pop-ups 1-2-3-4-5 etc ;D


Much smoother interaction for users, but is it my imagination or do trusted apps take a fraction longer to initialize with allow safe apps turned on?

It’s no biggie, just an observation. You guys have raised the bar - yet again! Congrats to the code monkeys! LOL

ewen :slight_smile:

Excellent work. I like it. It can be an enormous help for novice users.

ps. I hope that this feature will not become over the future versions, like the similar of Norton personal firewall. I mean that I like having full control of the various applications and don’t like to see that I can’t really block a program on this list as it happens at NPF and NIS 2006

We’ll try to cater for both novice and advanced users, so that you will always have the ability to do both.