Authentication Database and the Quarantine Database Files

Just thought I would throw this question out there. Does anyone know which files on the PC contain and store the Antispam Authentication Database and the Quarantine Database? This could be a big help!

Since it looks like support does not read these (and I even wonder if this forum is viable anymore), I’ll stick this here so that maybe it can help someone else. I had an e-mail come into Comodo antispam that I could not delete and that kept replicating itself with weird symbols.

In order to search for the database files I exported my Authentication Database file to a Temporary folder. I saw that the Comodo program adds the extension “.bwl” to the file name. Logically I did a general file search for “*.bwl” on the C: Drive and up popped a file called E-Mail-Infiltrate.bwl. I found I had two folders with the same Authentication Database Files in it called ------- E-Mail-Infiltrate.bwl. One was located off the C:\ Drive in a Temp or Temp 01 Folder, the other in the local “Owner” Folder (under Documents and Settings) found in a universal search for *.bwl. When I opened it, sure enough it had the corrupt e-mail address in it that was replicating itself and I could not delete.

First I deleted and saved the bad e-mail address and got it out of Comodo Antispam, then deleted the files completely. It worked and did not harm the program. Hope this helps someone……………