Auslogics Disk Defrag on Windows 8

On March 1, I asked Auslogics Support if Auslogics Disk Defrag on Windows 8 is available as a desktop app or a Metro app. It has been over a week and I have not received a response back. I’m hoping someone here on the forum wouldn’t mind finding out if Auslogics Disk Defrag on Windows 8 is available as a desktop app or not.

A tip: In Windows 8, if you search for the application in the Store, you can see whether or not it says “Desktop app” or “Get app from publisher”.

When it says “Desktop app” or “Get app from publisher”, that means that it’s a desktop application and you need to download the .exe or .msi from the publisher’s website to install the application as a normal desktop program. Though if it says “Install” then it’s a metro application.

To search in the Store you can tap WinKey + F and then write in for example “Auslogics” and then click “Store” and the applications says “Desktop app” hence it’s not a metro app.

I don’t currently have a computer with Windows 8. Right now I have one with Windows 7. I plan on getting a new laptop with Windows 8 in December.

Oh, well then, like I said the software is available as a Desktop application only.

I do however recommend getting a laptop with an SSD rather than a HDD, your computer and programs will start faster and you don’t have to worry about defragging. The downside is a shorter life expectancy however if used correctly (for example not constantly writing files to it) it will still last for many years. But then it also depends a lot on the SSD.

May I just ask why you want to know whether it was available as a Desktop application or not? I just don’t understand why it matters. ^-^‘’

I want certain applications that I use in Windows 7 to be available as desktop apps in Windows 8 so that I can run them all in the Desktop app versus through Metro.


A tip is that most applications that run in Windows 7 also runs in Windows 8, there are a few exception like security suits etc but otherwise most software works in Windows 8 if it worked in Windows 7.
I would never be able to wrap my head around it if a developer decided to go from desktop applications to only metro applications, that wouldn’t make sense.

Basically, if a developer makes software for Windows 7, it is very likely to work in Windows 8 and if it doesn’t then it’s likely that it will be or already has been updated for Windows 8 desktop.

Agreed here. However, I tend to be cautious though with low level tools like disk defragmenters and rather wait for a Win 8 compatible version. If something goes wrong it may seriously affect the computer.

I have a multi boot system so I will defrag Win 8 from my Win 7 installation.

I use Auslogics Disk Defrag, and it’s only available so far as a desktop app.

New Beta From Stardock allows you to run all applications from the desktop even Metro applications.

I dislike Metro. Micro$oft should stop giving us what they think we need, and start listening to what consumers want.