Audio/Video Playing Problems

I have a problem with audio/video: it won’t play. WMV, VLC, Winamp. .MP4, .WMP, etc.

WMP: This error is displayed while trying to play any multimedia file. (I followed the instructions given on the error page; still errors.)

VLC: Nothing happened when I tried to play any multimedia file. Well, it said it was playing but I didn’t hear or see anything.

Winamp: Tried to play a video (first a .WMV file, then a .MP4). Didn’t do anything, didn’t say it was playing, etc. I checked the “Volume Mixer” and there wasn’t an entry for Winamp.


solution 1.

change the value 1 to 0 for ‘DisableProtectedAudioDG’.

solution 2.

visit here upgrade drmlisence(official MS site)

solution 3.

reinstall sound driver.(from your sound card vendor not from MS)
reinstall DirectX.

Couldn’t find the “*\Audio” key.

Tried, but it didn’t help.

Tried, but it is still not working.


What did you do exactly with your computer?
It happened suddenly?

2.Update wmplayer?
3.Update to SP2?
4.Sound chipset is dead?
5.Reinstall windows? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Show me your ‘Add/Remove list’ screen shot on the control panel.

If it’s only a single file that won’t play you can download Gspot to determine more information about the encoding type:

  1. is correct (reinstall Windows). 88)

All multimedia files won’t play, not just one.

If nothing plays at all, then I’d suggest you have a slightly more serious problem. Your could try downloading this to see what it finds.

Report attached.

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hi LaserWraith, you need to reinstall your motherboards sound drivers

Your codecs look fine. Try this. Open VLC, choose Tools/Messages. set the verbosity to 2, then try playing a file. Let it run for a short time, then check the messages.

Where do I get them?

Oops…I uninstalled VLC. I’ll install it again though.

Log attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Looking at the log file, my initial thought is a problem with the sound chip. If you’re using a separate sound card I’d take it out, enable the onboard sound and try again. If you’re already using the onboard sound, then it’s possible there’s a problem with the motherboard.

Things to do.

As gleach suggested, make sure your drivers are ok.
If using onboard sound check the BIOS settings make sure everything is enabled correctly.
If using a dedicated sound card, remove and try onboard sound.

I’ll have a think about other potential issues.

Still problem?

You didn’t follow my solution 3.
Why didn’t you follow it?

solution 3.

reinstall sound driver.(from your sound card vendor not from MS)
reinstall DirectX.

off the CD that ships with mobo or the manufacturers website

I tried using the driver CD I have…but when I use it to install, it says there is an ActiveX error… ???

Question: am I able to do that with a laptop?

And I can hear sound via Firefox. Will that mess up your theory?