ATTN: PLEASE change page

There is an increasing number of angry users who installed CFP V3 on windows 2003.
Please edit in order to make more visible the fact that Windows 2003 is not supported.

ATM there is only a small (font) note regarding windows 2000.

Since there is already a great number of people that install V3 because external sites didn’t update CFP requirements if possible make the other webmasters to be at fault.

Thanks for clarifying this for me, I’ve been unsure so far wether or not it works on 2k3. I’ve just announced Softpedia that CFP3 isn’t compatible with 2k3, but I must ask, why doesn’t the installer refuse to install on unsupported OSs?

To be fair, I did see one screenshot in the forums where the installer indicated that the OS was not supported. I don’t think stuff like this is tested very well until autoupdate gets activated for the masses.


Yep V3 installer check the OS and refuse to install. Egemen confirmed this. Many members uninstalled V2 and lose their ruleset before they discovered this so they got angry.
Anyway post 3.0 releases will eventually reach full 2003 compatibility