Attn Melih: User needs help with VPN

Melih (or anyone):

There is a thread in ( in which a user was having trouble getting VPN to work with Comodo. He seems reluctant to post here for some reason. Any chance you can take a look at this thread and see if you can help him out?


Thank you bringing this to our attention JimmyD.

Gercekseytan has suggested a possible way to resolve it but apparently it did not work for claudeo.
Our support and developers are more than eager to help and waiting. Please Claudeo, come and post your findings here so that we can resolve this issue for you and perhaps this would result in us creating a FAQ that could help people in future who might have similar circumstances.

I really appreciate you bringing this to our attention JimmyD and Claudeo pls come to our forums as we have everyone from support to developers (plus Me :slight_smile: ) here waiting for you.



I also asked them to ask for help here. I hope they will give Comodo a second chance. (R)