ATTN MELIH: Dean Kelly: the *********** on this site [Resolved]

I received a disgusting homosexual/***** pornographic email for a ***** named Dean Kelly from this site. I am highly insulted as I joined this site for info on internet security. Iam also proud to say I am a Christian man. I do not hold the site responsible for the actions of one individual but I do feel he should be banned. Or do I misunderstand the purpose of this site?

The person or persons responsible have done this on other forums as well. I doubt “Dean Kelly” is his real name. It was probably done by a “bot” - automated software that does multiple posts.

Not only is it disgusting, but also a bit ironic, considering this is a “Security” forum.

Hey Melih: Maybe a new Comodo project can concentrate on Forum security?

His post is still in this forum, too - So far I have received five of these ■■■■■ emails in the last hour.


Someone needs to notify Melih and do it quickly. I’ve already sent a few “report to moderator” notifications to him.

This same thing happened to one of the gun forums I visit. Same picture and everything. The bad thing was, after they banned the guy, he simply re-registered and hit them again.

Auto-registration needs to be turned off for the time being until a “fix” can be put into place.


Remember BlueFrog? This may be a targetted assault just because Comodo provides anti-spam solutions.

The only way to totally eliminate this is to have moderated forums and that requires manpower. The side effect is that user interaction is delayed, usually when a user needs it most.

We need more moderators who can keep an eye on these type of ■■■■ bags!


Melih and Comodo needs to give more people Moderator privledges that may help take care of this quicker in the future! Please Melih do something to help this be resolved faster in the future. IP BAN HIM!

YOU posted it before I did I already had the same idea lol.

Spamming like that should be picked up by the flood control. SMF 1.1 RC2 is unfortunately still only an RC and not a full release, but should be OK for Comodo Forums and have better flood contol and security.

Perhaps limit the number of posts from a user in a given time period or Set 24hrs between registration and ability to post

That would be good, but more Moderators could also help. Maybe limit each user to 15 posts per hour.

I got four PM’s today too.

It wouldnt be so bad if it didnt have the pictures too. and the PM’s werent called “important message from Comodo”.

As i was honestly expecting on opening the PM’s some info that the Beta of Comodo PF to be turning Final or news of a new beta being released or something along those lines.

I did get one hell of a shock on what i saw when the PM was opend though.

As soon as I saw the title I knew what it was right then, this same exact thing happened to me on the Kubuntu Forums.

Ok guys, i think we are clean now!
can we pls all check to see if there is any we missed?


You missed one in the Help Spread the Word, topic but I think thats all.

No I haven’t :wink: Check it again if you like!


(just deleted it now :slight_smile: )

Melih, I hope you took steps to prevent this again? As I said before, the guy will change his name and hit you again if you aren’t careful.

Thank you Melih.

There are still some topics (eh. Backup forum)… just search for “IMPORTANT NEWS AND INFORMATION!!!”.