Attn Developers :: Initial impressions...

Just installed v2.1.0.1 of the f/w earlier today. I’m no newcomer to firewalls and have a somewhat strong interest in computer privacy and security. In the past i’ve used several firewalls, but have probably used Kerio the longest. Recently i played with Filseclab for a bit and there’s certain aspects of that product that i really liked, particularly the clean interface, logging and network monitor. Also tried Jetico – you gotta love it when a firewall changes the system time in BIOS to 1999 and all of your applications explode! I read a few reviews for COMODO f/w and decided to try it, so here i am!

Initial impressions…


  1. It’s very intuitive to use. Took me a very short time to get a feel for it.

  2. It’s “intelligent”. I particularly like the way separate rules for an application are automatically combined. This cuts down on clutter. This is the first firewall that i’ve used that combines rules in the way that it does. A+!

  3. The installer asked the questions i wanted to be asked.

  4. Traffic blocking during OS load.

  5. The component monitor seems pretty good.

  6. I like the fact that it can check parent applications. Usually i turn off any application behavior of a firewall in the interest of performance, but i’ll keep this one on a while and see how it does.


  1. This is a personal preference obviously, but i really dislike the GUI. Way too “cartoonish” for me. Valuable space that could be used to display information is wasted by graphics and buttons which are too large. There’s no option to skin the UI and i would much prefer a standard, plain-jane windows classic look. No options available to get rid of things i don’t want to see, like the “highlights (news)” tab on the summery window.

  2. LOGGING! Logging seems to be a very weak point with many firewalls and this one is no different. It appears there is no option to log a particular application, nor an option to log all activity on a real-time basis. The only way to get useful details about an item in the log is to click on it and then read the tiny text window at the bottom (which you can’t resize). Information such as protocol, in and out ports and in and out IP’s should be displayed in the main window by default rather than having to click on each log entry one by one. This is really troubling because it’s not intuitive to getting an overall picture of what’s going on. Also there’s no option to add/remove column headers. Also there’s a lot of R-click functionality that could be incorporated here, like copying the entire log or just 1 log entry, copying an IP, doing a WHOIS, etc., etc. Overall there’s a lot of information and functionality missing here.

  3. The “stop light” icons in the rules window are not easily recognizable at a glance, so it’s good the text is there. I think a better idea would be to use text only and make it colored according to the permission, or just use a simple colored graphic (circle or square) instead.

  4. Can’t use the “delete” key to remove rules???

  5. When in learning mode and asked to permit a connection, there’s no option to create an advanced rule (unless i’m missing something). This is a bummer.

  6. Double clicking the tray icon opens the Launch Pad. Would be nice to be able to configure what opens (i want the firewall UI to open, not the Launch Pad).

  7. Lack of advanced preferences in general, such as logging, UI customization, control over ICMP protocol. Also missing a lot of r-click functionality throughout much of the UI.

8 ) RESOURCE HOG :slight_smile: Wow!

9) The updater thingy WILL NOT retrieve a licese so far. Keeps timing out with error: 2146697208


  1. Consider offering the hard core user an “advanced” UI that doesn’t waste space with eye-candy and provides more options. Making it skinable so it can inherit the native windows theme would be a huge plus as well.

  2. Would be great to be able to create an advanced rule in learning mode, rather than being forced to allow or deny all, then customizing the rule later.

  3. The logging is really weak and is missing a lot of functionality (no choice as to what to log, no configurable column headers, very little info displayed in the main window, etc.). Information that should be displayed by default is only accessible by clicking on an item. This is very important to any advanced user and so often overlooked by vendors it seems.


Yeah, i know, i pointed out a lot of, what i felt, are flaws, but overall i think it’s OK. I really appreciate the work that the developers put into this product and i’ll continue to use and evaluate it. It seems to be more “intelligent” than most products i’ve used, yet not so intelligent that it thinks it knows it all and restricts the users ability to configure the rules.

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