ATTN COMODO FORUM MEMBERS! Let's start a story guys!! :)


You can only post a MAX of 8 words! - But you can post as much symbols as u want such as: ?.!,:;+ etc but use them appropriately pls

Let’s go. I’ll start:

There once was a man…

who wanted to have fun in free time

riding his turtle, while he…

ate a 5 course meal and …

Melih was also there, talking about security. 88)

When finished he played with his…

PC not worrying about viruses.

Then it got him thinking,

“I should join a strange forum like Comodo’s.”


Edit: I forgot the word forum. 88)

The End. O0 :-TU

The END is another beginning.

Let start again :smiley:

Oneday Melih walk into his office…

His SeedyPC became slow, despite CIS was installed

Due to tension, he drank sugar-less coffee.

out of a comodo coffee mug.

A dead rat was floating in the coffee.

“Eureka!” he shouted. “Not a Sandbox, a Coffemug”

But both have dead rats, he thought.

No rats were Remote Access Treats and alive!

Then he spoke to egeman and said.