ATTN: Announcing 50,000+ Members!

Hi Guys,

This Forum was started 2 years ago on the April 03, 2006, During from that time to now, We have successfully reached 50,000 Registered Users on the Comodo Forums! This is a GREAT achievement in 2 years! The Number also continues to grow!

I would like to Congratulate All Comodo Staff, Forum Members & Participants, Moderators, etc for making this possible! :slight_smile:


PS: the winner gets a postcard with a photo of Ganda’s big fat kiss

50,000th Member Attached.

Thanks to LA for catching this pic!


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Congrats to Comodo and all the mods and users who take time from their lives to help out here :-TU Even though it seems some of us live here (Ganda) Congrats ;D

Congrats to everyone on their input to make this a great community!

50.000 ? and only 3 female members >:( (+ Kim Leone ;D )

mmmmm … Kim (:LOV)

Well I guess we can non sticky this now since Ganda isn’t interested.

huh ??? what ??? yeah you’re right 88) who cares about how many members we have, “we” just care about the female members ;D