Attention to Sygate Personal Firewall Users (as well as other firewall users)

Hi all,

I would like to make an announcement for Sygate Personal Firewall users who are trying to install Comodo Firewall.

You MUST uninstall Sygate before installing Comodo firewall. Otherwise you will lose all your internet/network connectivity.

Disabling Sygate does not work. Because Sygate Personal Firewall hooks your TCPIP.sys file and stops all your internet conection.

NEVER install Comodo firewall while you have another personal firewall installed, even disabled.(including but not limited to ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Kerio etc.)


Is it possible to build a check routine into the installer to look for sygate, ZA, kerio etc. and halt installation until they are uninstalled?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen,

Yes it seems so. We will need to make sure of this.

Sorry to make extra work for you guys, but it may save effort in the long run. :wink:

ewen :slight_smile:
(WCF3) (WCF3) (WCF3)

CPF works fine with CHX… :slight_smile:

A secret for a clean installation of a new product is to first uninstall any other similar one on your system. THEN REBOOT.

As for Sygate or Kerio or whatever, Comodo DOES alert you with a pop-up message to remove any other firewall on your system.

I guess you didnt’ read it but it does show before starting the installation.