ATTENTION NEW USERS of BOClean!!! re: setup instuctions

Hi All,
I’m also new here and like most also hate reading long boring instructions and tutorials.

Most newbie’s buy a New PC (Personal Computer) from a retailer take it home plug it in, maybe install a few personal preference programs/games etc and trust that all is somehow magically setup automatically and correctly so that there will never be any problems, SORRY BUT UNFORTUNATLY NOT THE CASE!!!

However this Subject is about your online security so I’ll just stick to that, if you would like to learn more about standard PC setups PM (Personal Message) me.

How to PM - In the top left corner of this box you are now viewing you will see my user (nic) name in “red” put your mouse arrow over my name and click on the “RIGHT” (not the usual left) mouse button, this will display a menu of different choices to select (Note: This feature is also available in most things you do on your PC, like copying and pasting something, try it out).
In the selection “LEFT” click on either “Open in new Tab or Window” (doesn’t matter which try it, believe it or not the PC wont break that easy), doing this will open my personal page in a new tab or window allowing this page you are now viewing to remain for latter reference, cool huh!
Viewing this new page you will see “limited” personal details about me. If you look at the bottom of the profile you will see “Additional Information” bellow that you will see in red “Send this member a personal message”. This is pretty much the same for any forum you visit.

Anyway…Back on Subject!

Not one for reading instructions I attempt to get some quick tips from reading posts from the more experienced users etc. As you’ll find most of it is in-depth technical stuff (Jargon) that goes over our heads.

After the usual spending hours reading a few forum threads of other newbie difficulties I came across one that directed me to this (to view it follow the Right click approach I explained in “How to PM” above)
(Note: The writing is a little small for some, to fix this, in the bottom right hand corner of your screen above the clock there is a magnifying glass with 100% next to it, left mouse click on it and see what happens)

Guess what! Instructions!
Scroll (move down) the screen until you see the subject heading “BOClean Configuration”
(To access the configuration settings follow the instructions in the prior subject “BOClean Options”)

If you do nothing else with BOClean these configuration settings are very important!!!

I won’t list all the details here however I Strongly! suggest you follow at least that sections advised settings

However Please Note!!! “at time of writing this” it has some errors in it (ATTENTION EDITORS)

  1. “Autoupdate Options Grouping” 3rd paragraph,
    It says
    “On the top RIGHT, a checkbox marked “Automatically update BOClean as below” is provided”
    This doesn’t appear to be the case? It has an "un"checked box which says “Do NOT show automatic update screen” I guess for now until further instructed we leave it alone as default.

Right Side Check Box’s
2nd & 3rd Paraghaphs - second checkbox which is marked “Automatic reset of security zones” then (in 3) “The third checkbox on the right is marked “Automatic cleanup of HOSTS file.” By default this is also checked”
I don’t know if it’s because of my system or not however niether of these box’s were default checked?

Paraghaph 9, last sentence Spelling Error ". Once again, it is recommended that BOClean be permitted to remove style sheets in the even (should be event) of malware being detected to ensure that the malware cannot be restored by a rogue site.

For those to lazy to read the entire full setup config this one is very important as like most we all google for optimal DSL Speeds
It has come to our attention that a small (large more like it) number of people have configured their home machines to a hard-configured “DNS setting IP address.”
From a security standapoint, this is not a good idea as those manual DNS settings are used extensively in malware to redirect victims to places other than where they had intended to surf. It’s ALWAYS best to leave your networking configured for DHCP or “get address automatically.” Despite this being a really bad idea to manually enter this data, some people insist upon doing so. If YOU are in this situation, we strongly advise going to automatic network configuration using DHCP. If you still choose not to, it is IMPORTANT that the “Automatic cleanup of winsock connectivity” box NOT be checked or BOClean will remove those settings when a trojan is found.

IF you don’t understand how to check your DNS setting (It’s “NOT” part of BOclean) let me know and I will add the instuctions here for you.

Anyway yet again! (as a male) I’ve been proven it’s best to endure the long instructions and tutorials otherwise the program is probably just going to sit there on your PC and not automatically do what we hopped it would.

Take Care & Cheers!