Attempting to setup incremental backup to a network drive

I am attempting to setup incremental backup to a network drive and having no luck. Here’s what I have done.
1- Setup a full CBU backup of a small folder See attachment 1 Create Backup.jpg
2- Setup full CBU destination See attachment 2 CBU Destination.jpg
3- Set up log file for backup. See 3 Set Up Disk Logging.jpg
4- Ran full backup (successful) with results shown in attachment 4 CBU Results.jpg
5- I have included the log just in case you need that. See attachment 5 Backup.log
6- Attachment 6 Status after Full Backup.jpg shows the status including the new profile created.
7- Next I set up (or tried to) an incremental backup using the profile from step 6. See attachment 7 Setup for Incremental.jpg
8- I now wanted to select the destination for the incremental backup. I selected “Network Location” nothing displays on the right side of the window to allow me to select a location. See attchment 8 Error Setting Destination for INCR.jpg

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thank you for reporting the issue.
It will be fixed in next release.
You can manually type the destination until then.


Thanks for the quick response.

From the log I see the filename of the base backup is

"\\DISK1\USB_LEXAR_MEDIA_JUMPDRIV_1\__BU TEST_full_files.cbu".  

What should I manually type as the destination for the incremental backup?

“\DISK1\USB_LEXAR_MEDIA_JUMPDRIV_1__BU TEST_full_files_inc.cbu”, for example.