attempted hack

im getting hundreds of intrusion alerts come up, a few days ago i noticed a new network connection come up! this is the first time this has happend so i was a bit freaked out.

& unplugged from the net, i went into my comodo network zones to see a strange ip.

now this is were i got a little confused so i uninstalled & reinstall the fire wall & a day later iy happend agane.
this time i went in to my blocked network zones & blocked the ip… so far so good! this is were i got confused.

when i went into my network zone the ip was still there? i assumed that comodo would remove the ip from there. so was not sure the ip was blocked.

i unplugged from the net one more time uninstall comodo & reinstalled it.

then i thought a bit more about it may be it dose not remove the ip from my network zone.
( so i read the help page in my blocked network & having made a note of the ip put it into block it!!

was that the right thing to do?? but im still getting lots of intrusion attempts… sorry its a bit long winded it just a chimp when it comes to theses things…

What was the IP of the new network zone?

If it was something like 169.X.X.X this can be caused by either a failed attempt to get a DHCP address or by plugging in a PDA (or similar device).

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tx for the reply, yes it was 169.x.x.x.x is it a hack attempt? as i sit here it up to 600ish intrusion attempts…

Those addresses are assigned to a network interface when there is A) a failed attmept to get an IP address from a DHCP server or B) used to connecet PDA’s.

Do you connect wirelessly to a router? Do you also have internet connection dropouts?

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no i just use a cable modem & no iv had no internet connection drop outs.

so i should allow it access to my network!?? & put in the ip in my network zones??

The golden rule I live by is if I don’t know it, I don’t allow it.

If you are directly connected to a modem and do not connect any devices to your PC that could request and fail to get an IP address, then I wouldn’t add this unknown address to your network zones.

Can you post an extract of your firewall logs or post in greater detail.

In the interim, I’d block this attempted conneciton.

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is this of any help…

have you had a chance to look at the log yet m8…

The link you provided doesn’t go anywhere. I notiuced that it’s a link to a BMP file, which I assume was a screenshot of your logs. I actually wanted you to exportthem to a file so we could see everything in the logs.

you can export your logs by clicking FIREWALL - VIEW FIREWALL EVENTS - MORE. This will open the log viewer window. In the log viewer, click FILE - EXPORT TO HTML - FIREWALL LOGS. This will aloow you to save the logs as a HTML file. ZIP this file and attach it to a reply.

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tx for your time (:KWL)

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Firstly, I couldn’t find any mention of an address in the 169.X.X.X range anywhere in your logs.

Next, the entries regarding relate to the network connection between your PC/modem and your ISP. These should be allowed.

Am I correct in thinking your ISP is BigPond?

Also, have you been having problems paying COD4 over the net?

Ewen :slight_smile:

the 169.x.x.x.x ip was the ip that managed to get connected to my network.
that was last week.
the logs i think were just of monday to show what was going on, as for cod4 i noticed that in the logs but have had no problems playing online.
ie… no drop outs but now & again the firewall pops up saying cod4 is trying to modify some thing.
could be the stats that are held client side!! so i allowed it.
as for my ip is NOT BIGPOND but virgin media…
so do i put the ip in my network zones???

iv added a zip of this months logs!! sorry maybe i should have done that to start with.

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