attemp to access invalid address

WinXP: I’ve installed Comodo Internet Security. Now, I can’t access a couple of my programs. I keep getting the message: “attemp to access invalid address”. I roll back to yesterday, and everything works again. If I reinstall CIS, then again I cannot access those programs. What do I do to access these programs, and still use Comodo? How can I fix this?

I have the same problem!
A few days ago, I received a pop-up, balloon message from “Comodo Updater” telling me that there were updates available for Comodo Internet Security. I had never received a message like this before, but I figured it was legitimate so I opted to download the updates. Upon finishing the updates, I was told that I would need to restart my computer. I did exactly that and when my system had finished rebooting I lost access to a half dozen, or so, of my everyday programs!
I received the very same message as purple.hipo: “attemp to access invalid address”.
I performed a System Restore and was able to recover access to all of my programs.
However, now every time I reboot, I receive the same balloon message about the available updates.
Of course, I am completely ignoring the message and closing it; but, it is highly irritating to have to monkey with that every time I start my PC.

Why is this happening?

There is a bug between CIS and 16-bit programs. It should be fixed this week.

This is from the lead developer.

wow! That fixed it. I’m back up and running again. Thanks HeffeD.

Thank Egemen, it’s his workaround. 8)

Oh, and you might want to watch the forums to see when the fix is released. CIS is going to tell you there is an update available because it wants to restore the guard32.dll you just renamed. If you update, it will just reinstall the bugged .dll and you’ll be back in the same boat.

Many thanks, Egemen via HeffeD!
I will watch for the fix release.


Thanks, and which forum should I be keeping an eye on?

The announcements forum.

Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS