Attacks on port 2869??

Hi I have received in the firewall of 2 hits in 2 seconds on my door blocked 2869 increasingly coming from a different source port this can be an attack?

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Towards which process are these alerts logged? Could you please post a screenshot of those alerts (please blur your own IP if it’s a public one).
Are you running software that could cause this e.g. torrent or other P2P kind of things?

Thanks, I installed utorrent for some time but this happens only rarely use connecting the machine open the firewall events and I’m just looking accesses every second door by 2869, follows a print scream

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Right now the print absotumente not scream anything connected beyond the Avira antivirus and Comodo

These are UPnP discovery packets from your router. If you’re not using this service it can be disabled.

Hi Thanks for the tip did what you said and now the doors that are trying to access change are ports 137 and 138 which are connected to the notebook wireless network follows the print scream

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This is NetBIOS traffic, specifically NetBIOS datagram Service (UDP port 138) and NetBIOS Name Service (UDP port 137). These services are used as part of Microsoft file and printer sharing. If you don’t use this, it can be disabled.

where do I disable it, but already have disabled in services.msc not working.

On the properties of the network adapter. You don’t need to disable anything in services.

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