Attack on key? Not quite sure [Resolved]

I was testing this software, DefenderPro AntiSpy, this was a change it made to the firewall configurations or so I assume. Is this supposed to be?


‘DefenderPro AntiSpy’ changes
Total Uninstall, 3/30/2008 10:50:01 PM

(REG KEY) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\Firewall\Policy
  (*)(REG VAL) Num
    16 ==> 17

Hi Paul. That registry value represents the number of Application Rules in the firewall policy. I took a looked at mine and states 12 (rules 0 to 11), which is correct. So if it increased to 17 that means your App Rules just had something added.

Thanks :wink: Wasn’t sure and been a while delving into reg keys with CFP. Much appreciated Soya :wink: